Monday, November 26, 2012

Assistant turned model

I was supposed to assist for a photoshoot for Dan Frievalt... it was going to be a personal project for him, with a model. When I showed up, there was no model...and we couldn't get in touch with her. Turns out she lived a few hours away and was having car troubles. Thankfully she was okay, but she wasn't going to be able to make the shoot. 

Dan still had the itch to shoot, so he looked at me and said "Do you want to model?" I have modeled for him several times before, and LOVE his work...but I was sooo not in model mode! It usually takes hours to do hair/makeup/wardrobe. We were running out of daylight FAST... But how could I turn down a random chance to model for Dan friggin Frievalt?! I remembered I actually had a few things in my car, including a couple new wigs (saves time on hair!) and outfits I had just gotten, and a little bit of makeup... and Dan had some more makeup! What are the chances?! We worked quick to throw together a decent look, and off we went! 

The sunset was beautiful. We found an amazing location, which we had to scout at high speed. There wasn't time to think very much, we had to just start shooting. We lost track of time and kept working into the dark, until we realized it must be much later than we planned on being out...and it sure was! Oops! 

This was something pretty new for me... usually I hate my picture being taken, unless I am in "model mode"... I like to be prepared for this stuff. We lucked out that we had enough supplies to actually make me model-ish! And the location was absolutely inspiring. We definitely got into the "zone" and I think we got some great shots! What a great experience. :) 

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