Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Art Givaway 2015

My Grandpa passed away last October... I ended up creating some remembrance ornaments for some family members for Christmas- but they don't have to be just Christmas ornaments, these have been out year round.

So I thought this would be a good one for this month... And would like to try to get these out to you before the holiday season.

There will be two drawings... one for only people who have not won. The second, anyone and everyone is eligible. And if the winners would like, I will make a second ornament for them, to give to someone else. Two winners, winning two ornaments each.

This does not have to be a remembrance ornament, you can put whatever photo you want in there (as long as you have permission to use it), whether it is for a significant other, or a friend, a pet, etc.  There are two sides, so you are welcome to put two different photos in if you'd like, or use the other side as a place to write a not or include whatever else you see fit. I think it would be easiest if the winners email/facebook message me the photos they would like, I will print it, and then stitch up the ornament. Note: the frame is not your standard shape, so not all photos will work well (if it is a picture of a person/animal, make sure there is enough space around the face so it doesn't get cropped off.. I can see if I can send you a digital sample prior to printing).

The deadline is THIS Friday, November 6, at noon (central). 

Here is the announcement video:

If you're interested, here is some backstory about the heart shape that has been popping up in my work...that shape has grown in meaning over the past few years. It used to just be a heart, symbolizing lovey dovey stuff-not really my thing. But a few years ago, I started seeing hearts all over the place--in weird unexpected places. Often times, it usually happens when I'm going through difficult stuff. It always reminds me to breathe, and to come from a place of love, to reconnect with myself and find that peace open my mind, be more understanding, and to treat others kindly...There are a couple "tricks" though-I can't go looking for them. If I try too hard, they're never there. It always happens when I'm not looking, not expecting. Also, there are times when I think my mind just THINKS it sees this shape, so I ignore it, and then, as if the universe has a sense of humor, I'll see an obvious one or a TON of them all at once--and that's how I started down the path for this frame idea....

I was in a thrift store, difficult stuff was happening in life, and I stumbled across a huge bag filled with wooden heart shapes (someone must have cut them out). I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to purchase these. ;) Plus I've done projects in the past with repurposed/secondhand wood, I knew I'd be able to use them. For the remembrance ornament (and for the ones I'm giving away), a friend helped me cut out the middle, we drilled holes, and then I used some of the secondhand yarn I've been knitting with to stitch up the frame.

Here are a few random heart shapes I've come across unexpectedly out and about.

A public bathroom wall
Passing by some flipflops in a store

Water dripped onto my purse...

Stairwell of a parking ramp...

When laying out in the sun, frustrated that the sun went away...I looked up and smiled.
 There are so many more, some have been just so odd and they are always random, but some more than others. But it never hurts to receive those reminders...

To enter the contest, check out my facebook page and comment on the announcement video that you'd like to enter. Thanks :)