Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November's Art Giveaway 2015

I'm a little nervous for this month's giveaway... There are more restrictions than normal, and while I'm really excited about it, I just don't know what the turn out will be. That was something I realized early on that I had to be ok with-if no one enters, if no one is interested. So now I guess I really get to face that fear! And that is a large part about this process, to push myself to just DO the creative things I'd like to do, and to have an outlet for them where someone else will hopefully get something they enjoy out of it.

Recently, I stumbled across some photos of dogs that I have taken over the years. I have loved dogs my whole life, and I really enjoy photographing them. They each have their own personality, and trying to capture that personality is so much fun. Growing up, I took a TON of photos of my dog, and am so glad I did. Photos of moments/those pieces of personality are often all we're able to keep as life flies by.

So... I thought I would offer a mini photo session (30 minutes) for your pet. I am unfortunately highly allergic to cats, so at this time I can not be in a closed area where kitties live, but I am open to other types of pets and of course dogs (or in the off chance your cat is an outdoor cat, I suppose we could try that?). I'd love to know a little bit about the pet prior, their personality, some of the memorable things they do, what you love about them, so we can figure out the best way to capture this. The photos would be candids, no posed, and while you are welcome to interact with your pet, the session is focused on them (not a family session or anything like that).

Now, I've never done this, and animals have a mind of their own, so I can't guarantee a number of final images, but I'd like to get at least 3 awesome ones for you but there may be more if things go smooth. You'll get the digital versions (cd or email), so you can print/frame however you'd like.

I am open to doing the session when it snows, indoors, waiting until the weather is nice, whatever you think will be most fitting.
DEADLINE: Monday Dec 7, 12pm (central)
To enter, as usual, simply comment on the November's Art Giveaway announcement video on facebook (or on this blog post I suppose would work)
Here are a few of my favorite photos I've taken of some wonderful furry friends...
This is Cubby... my dog when I was growing up...
He was as close to perfect as it gets, we were very lucky to
have him in our lives. He was one of my earlier models when
I first started learning photography-this is actually shot with
a film SLR.

Cubby in his final days...he was 17 years old, which is amazing,
but I still didn't want to lose him.

Max was in need of a home, so a friend and I did a mini
session with him and his personality just beamed!
Unfortunately Max passed away earlier this year,
before he could find that forever home. I am so thankful we were
able to have some really good moments, and to have some photos
that captured what a great dog he was...
This little guy was growing quickly and his owner mentioned
she's barely taken any photos of him.  This stage of cuteness just
 had to be documented! So I took a few photos for her, and
grabbed a few of her other dogs as well.

This pretty girl resides with  the little guy above...

This is Sunny, my parents' dog. She has such a sense of humor,
is incredibly curious, and prefers the attention be directed
towards her. ;)

Right at home...
This guy... he sure was a good dog. He passed away earlier
this year. He's actually Sunny's daddy.

When he played, he played. And when he was done, he was DONE. ;)

This guy's family went through some really difficult times.. he did
his best to comfort and love them. Then he ran into his own struggles...

He got cancer a couple times in his leg, and eventually
needed it amputated. That wasn't going to stop him from
living a happy, active life.

He adapted quickly and was going up/down steps and running around,
faster than I knew was possible for a creature to recover after
such challenges... I ran across him at the perfect time him my life.
I needed that kind of inspiration!

They all have their own stories, and have inspired me in some way... And the thing I find most inspiring is just how full of love they all are.  
So, there is it. The second to last giveaway. Good luck! :)