Monday, January 7, 2013

But I don't WANT to style this butchered hair!

Andrew Kufahl asked to do a one on one model photoshoot with me, unlike the concept shots we did at the end of his 365 project...and he wanted to do this wig-less. Crap. If you remember correctly, my hair was horribly butchered around this time: When everything came to a screeching halt... And I hadn't been very comfortable in front of the camera or even in every day life for quite some time. I hadn't actually done anything with my hair on my own since the cut (I have done the majority of my own hair and makeup for shoots beforehand). I didn't WANT to do anything with my hair. We weren't on speaking terms just yet. But, I liked working with Andrew, and I trusted him. Sooo...I sucked it up!

"Evaluating thoughts..."
I had very long hair for a good chunk of my life, until I started donating it... then once every two years or so, I'd end up with short hair-but still ponytail length. I know how to do all kinds of things with THAT hair. But with THIS hair? Absolutely clueless! It had been growing fairly quickly due to all the crazy things I was trying in order to speed up the process. But it was still very much not me, and very much not what I had asked for. I had to just jump in and see what I could figure out. As I started messing around with it, Andrew gave me feedback with what fit his vision for this shoot. He started using the prep time as a time for shooting-as much as I didn't enjoy this. ;) I loosened up a bit, and we were already getting some great shots! Ok ok, I guess he kind of knows what he's doing...

I kept working on developing the hair style... eventually I needed help and put Andrew to work. I was going to try some sort of crazy pretty yet edgy Mohawk type 'do... Andrew helped me out with the parts I couldn't reach or see. And I actually ended up liking the final product, I couldn't believe it! (I still hated my hair... :P )

We shot for hours and hours and hours. We got a huge variety of looks. We played around with lighting. We did all of this in my tiny bathroom. Yes. My very plain bathroom that is only big enough for a toilet and brown sink. That wasn't the original plan AT ALL. I believe we had a goal of working outside, but the weather wasn't cooperating, so we adjusted...Once he started taking photos, we just couldn't stop and didn't feel the need to move elsewhere. We were getting amazing shots all in this one very small place! A great example of using what you've got... the location, the weather, the hair, none of that has to be ideal... but you can find ways to make it work. You can find ways to USE these things like you never imagined.

Another great thing that I had the pleasure of experiencing during that shoot was observing another photographer. I always find it fascinating, to see the differences between photographers, or between a photographer and my style. I love seeing the creative process they all go through. I was blown away and so overly thrilled to see Andrew's creativity at work. The way he used that space and the lighting... existing lighting or his own lighting, or a variety... Gah! So cool! A true artist. 

Thank you, Andrew, for forcing me to TRY with that wretched 'do. There is so much beauty out there, but if you can't see/find it, MAKE IT. And I think we did just that. :)


  1. I love emotions in these pictures...

    1. Thank you, Nina! Andrew is really fantastic at creating emotional images... to see more of his work: and mine: