Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Who knows what it means to "catch up" anyway...

I started my facebook artist page and this blog well into my pursuit of modeling... since then, I've started a million other projects--working with a wide variety of photographers, in various ways... my own artwork...travels, personal projects, so many things. I'm still in "catch up" mode with the blog and facebook, posting photos from past shoots, writing up blogs about the experiences. It can be overwhelming to look at how far I have to go yet while I'm constantly adding to that list, real time.

Every "free" moment, I try to go through my mental "to do" list, or one of the thousands of hard copy lists lying around... often times in moments like this, I remind myself to continue updating the artist page/google+/blog. I find myself feeling bad about being so far behind... and when I can't get back to updating things for a month or two, I feel even worse...

Lately, I've been overflowing with ideas... They've been pretty non-stop... So now, not only do I have real life and my massive "to do" list, but I'm also I drowning in new ideas and projects. Oh the pressures of time! But you know what? I actually love when this happens. It is such an amazing feeling to feel like you're limitless in some way. When you can't even get a decent night of sleep because you're constantly waking up having to jot things down--or the ideas are flowing so well, you can't even attempt to fall asleep! The other day, cutting the lawn, I came up with three ideas... I almost couldn't stand waiting to complete the job, I needed to write these things down!

The creative zone is one of my favorite places to be. Loading up that "to do" list with things I love doing is not a burden...it is a wonderful thing... And a great reminder that I obviously still have this passion.

So how silly of me to feel behind on the blog and facebook, when I can't even keep up with myself real time... I know eventually I'll get back to them, they aren't crucial, and they aren't going anywhere... but I am. ;) And this constant flow of creativity is going to see that I keep moving!


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