Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Art Giveaway 2015

As announced in my previous post, I've decided to do a monthly art giveaway for 2015! This idea was a bit delays, so January is going to have to share a few days with February.
So here we go...The gift: an Echo painting!
These paintings are made mostly, if not completely, from repurposed material. The backing allows for complete freedom when deciding which way is up. Everyone sees something different in these, so YOU decide. ;)
I've created a video for this giveaway, but will also write it out below for those who would may be unable to watch it in video form... Additional rules not covered in the video will also be included below.
I've selected 3 echoes for participants to choose from.
Pick ONE :)

Entries can be submitted on my facebook artist page or google+  Simply comment on the giveaway video with your choice :) The deadline is Monday, February 2, 2015, at 7pm (central).
A few ground rules:
  • There may be some shipping restrictions to countries outside of the USA -- if this prevents me from shipping it to you, I will unfortunately have to pick a runner up. 
  • You can enter for multiple giveaways, but you can only win ONCE. The exception: if no one enters a giveaway, or if the only people who enter are previous winners, you will then be eligible to win again, so go ahead and put your name in for any of them that you really like!
  • If a giveaway has multiple options, you may only choose one. The other options will be for sale and added to the online store ( ). If you would like to purchase any of the other pieces and have them sent with the piece you won, we can make arrangements.
  • I've been trying to be more eco-friendly, and would like to encourage winners to consider passing the art on to other art lovers or sending it back if you decide to ever part with the piece.
 Here are your options, one more time...

Winners: I would love if you'd send me a photo of how you end up displaying the pieces or you with the piece or whatever, though it is not a requirement.
I'm so excited to begin this project. Thanks for checking it out!

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