Sunday, August 2, 2015

July's Art Giveaway 2015

Boy was this a nail biter! I was not sure if I could finish any of the art giveaway item options that I had in mind (and had been working on throughout the month) until the last half of the very last day of July. Phew! Here it is..........


How this project came about...

I had to learn how to knit for a class in college. However, I was the only lefty, and was given a packet of written instructions to teach myself with rather than professor instruction. Thankfully, my grandma was willing try teaching me one-on-one, and while she teases that I "knit backwards" and had to check my work over often because my technique just didn't look right, it always worked out fine. ;)  I continued knitting (basic knitting) even after my class project was complete, it is incredibly relaxing.

Upon entering the working world, there was not much time for art, or knitting. A few years went by, I lost my job, and found my way back to various art forms, such as painting, photography, etc. A couple more years passed, and I found myself back in a position where I couldn't paint as much. Creative frustration got to me... I had to figure something out. And then it hit me... knitting can be done just about anywhere! Plus, it would be a really great opportunity to finally tackle a bucket list item... knitting Grandpa a sweater... Grandma retaught me everything, and then some (she is really wonderful!). We made a few things and spent a lot of time together, then I jumped into the sweater project (and to both of our surprise, actually completed it!), and from there, I got into some smaller knitted projects that were great ways to experiment/learn new things.

My next goal was to knit a shape, other than a square/rectangle. I figured out how to make hearts, which inspired a few other ideas in which these hearts could be incorporated. And here we are with July's art giveaway item: a knitted pillow - made with second hand yarn, and a rarely (if ever) used blanket cut up as stuffing.

If you are interested in winning this, just comment on the original July art giveaway announcement video on facebook or google+ ... DEADLINE is Wednesday, August 5, at noon (central). Good luck! :)

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