Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Art Giveaway 2015

This post pains me...I mean seriously, I smashed my finger with a hammer for this month's project. ;)

I made something new today... I've been sitting on this idea for quite some time, and it actually worked! THIS is a large part of what I had in mind when I first thought of doing these giveaways--I wanted it to be an opportunity to expand and try new things, learn new techniques, reinvent old techniques, etc. Here we go...

I've got two options for you to choose from- a small one, and a bigger one...

They're made from repurposed/scrap materials-copper wire and yarn to be more specific.

The idea behind it: life lessons can be rough... sometimes it feels like we get the crap kicked out of us in life, our hearts take a beating... but we have the opportunity to use that for good-to make ourselves better/stronger people, we have the ability to make something beautiful out of poopy situations...and that's pretty amazing. And we don't have to let other people, experiences, life, the world, beat out all that is kind from us. We can keep a warm soft spot in our hearts, even if it gets worn down or even needs to be rebuilt. This is my visual representation of this...

You can repurpose/make your own chain by cutting off the access yarn (leaving the knot/bow) or you can wear as is--tying the yarn or adding your own clasps. A variety of options. :)
To enter, please go to my or and comment on the original video with which necklace/pendant you would like to try to win.
DEADLINE is Sunday, April 26, at noon (central). After that, I will randomly draw a winner, so keep an eye on facebook/google+ for the winner announcement.
Good luck! And thank you for the continued support. :) 

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