Thursday, May 28, 2015

May Art Giveaway 2015

For this month's giveaway, I accidentally made the art piece...
I've never been a fan of working with watercolor--the type of work I used to enjoy doing was very detailed and I was never able to learn how to get that kind of detail with a medium like watercolor. Pencil, charcoal, etc were my preference. I also liked to get DARK and that is more difficult with watercolor--keep in mind, a lot of this probably just has to do with the fact that I just never learned much about the medium. I love SEEING amazing watercolor paintings from people who actually know what they are doing...I just hated working in the medium myself.
These days, I've been doing a lot more abstract... a lot more experimenting, and sort of just allowing the medium I'm working in to do its thing. And I've definitely embraced my messy side. But still no watercolor.
So one day, I was in the mood to make stuff. Watercolor was available. I didn't have anything in mind, I had no expectations that I'd actually make anything good and definitely did not think about the monthly art giveaway, I just wanted to do something for the heck of it. So I started with really loose random swooshes on the page... nothing exciting or promising. But I had no attachment to what I was doing, so I could be free to do whatever I wanted, regardless of how it turned out I couldn't be disappointed. I got into the creative zone, started getting gut feelings with what to do with the piece-though still no expectations/end goals. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was feelin' it and having fun.
Eventually I stepped back and slightly out of the "zone" to take a look at what the heck was happening. It actually was looking kind of neat! How?! I don't know if I can figure that part out. it is:
So if you like this piece, here is the giveaway info.........
DEADLINE: THIS Sunday, noon (central). Comment on the original video on my facebook or google+ page that you would like to enter.
It is not matted/framed, and the usual rules apply (for a quick list refresher, check out January's art giveaway)
It may have been a total fluke, I may never be able to do something like this again. Who knows?! But what an experience... to be that free. No excuses, no expectations, just play.

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