Monday, March 31, 2014


A local artist invited Andrew and I to be a part of a show. The theme was "Circus Nerve"... hmmm...cue the brainstorming.

We came up with several ideas, but were only able to try a couple due to time constraints.

Andrew and I decided to knock two of the ideas out of the park one night. One involved me as the model, the other involved just him. Mine was going to be silly, his was going to be more on the somber side.

We shared makeup and the bathroom mirror at my house. He helped me crimp my hair. Both shots were going to take place in this bathroom as well. Interesting how the bathroom gets used so often in our shoots... Such a simple, small space.

We didn't have a whole lot of wiggle room for my shot--it involved water, which would screw up the makeup after just a couple shots. So while prep seemed to take a long time, we knew the actual shoot would fly by,

Fortunately that one wrapped up nicely. It was quite a bit different for me! Check out the sneak peak of my makeup... This one has not been released online at this point, as we wanted to keep it exclusive for the show.

Andrew's shot went smoothly as well. And it was fun to watch him do his makeup. ;) This one has not been released online either, so I can't share the final image with you. But keep an eye on his page or my page, just in case we release it in the future! ;)

One of the other ideas, we came up with needed two female models. Last minute, our second model was forced to cancel on us unfortunately, though understandably. Thankfully, there was another model that was nearby, who we have been wanting to connect with for a while now, Tammy. She responded quickly, I pieced together  wardrobe, and met her to start on hair/makeup. We each did our own look. This was our chance to try something crazy with the circus theme. I went for a clown mohawk. One of the craziest hairstyles I've done on myself yet, I think! Tammy rocked the 'fro, with some added color (dyed wool I had lying around).

The ultimate goal was a dark image though we had a few variations we wanted to try. We'd have to jump in and see what we could get with the time available.

After Tammy and I had our hair complete, we went to Andrew's to take care of makeup... since there was a chance Andrew would be the third model, we all wanted to be on the same page with the direction of the makeup.

The face paint Andrew and I had was causing some "issues" again (remember the green baby poop that was supposed to be gold?). Tammy had flawless nice theater makeup. We had to figure out which direction to take them. We decided to embrace the messy--as cleaning up two messy faces would be much more difficult than messing up one pretty face. ;)

We tried our first set up with just Tammy and I, to warmed up and get into the groove. Later, Andrew got into the mix. We really didn't know how or if any of these would in fact turn out, but the only way to find out is to give it a shot! Thankfully Tammy was very understanding of this and willing to play along.

Time was flying by, it was getting late, and we had one other idea we wanted to attempt--but it was going to be a HUGE experiment. Tammy was up for it, so we gave it a go. I won't go into detail on this one, as it didn't exactly turn out and was not released.

We ended up entering the first two images we took (in my bathroom) as they were fully complete in time for the deadline. It was awesome seeing how other artists interpreted the theme in various mediums at the show! Very lively artwork.

Since then, we've also displayed these pieces at a few other locations around town. Keep an eye out!

Stay tuned to or for BTS images or the potential release of the two images featured in the Circus Nerve show. ;)

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