Monday, March 17, 2014

Where did I leave off... Oh yeah! I had hair again!

Photographer: Dan Frievalt
One of the first shoots after the "hair butchering" where I sort of had a weird realization of just how much hair I suddenly seemed to have back was with Dan Frievalt and Shanna Koltz. Dan had some new backdrops to play with and contacted me to model. You know this is going to be fun...

Alissa Kristine did some killer hair/makeup-dark and edgy, gotta love it! I got a mohawk! at the time, I didn't think much of it, except "Sweet! Let's do it!" Let me tell ya, every part of this really drove home the fact that MY HAIR WAS GROWING (I'd occasionally forget, considering the circumstances...just waiting for it to be where I had originally wanted it). It was interesting navigating myself around walls and mirrors and people, with hairspikes a foot long. And don't even get me started on the drive home or cleanup. Ok, ok, I HAVE hair. ;) 
Photographer: Shanna Koltz

As if the hair/makeup wasn't cool enough, Dan and Shanna went to town on creating my outfit. It has always blown my mind how good Dan was at things like this... thinking on the spot, using whatever he could find, to create an awesome look. So standing in the middle of the studio in a tank, tights and boy shorts, totally open to whatever their creative brains came up with, they went to town...wrapping me up in all kinds of stuff...leading to the rockin' chicken wire skirt. This was by no means a practical outfit. ;) 

Shanna and Dan each had their turn behind the camera... both brought something different to the table. I even got to model a few shots with another model at the shoot, the beautiful Tiffany Lavender, who also was sporting another amazing look created by Dan, Shanna, and Alissa. 

Looking through the other photoshoots around that time, I am pretty happy to see a handful of edgy shoots. 

There was the other super dark shoot with Dan: Dark, emotional, edgy, expressive...

Photographer: Andrew Kufahl
And a fun shoot with Andrew Kufahl in my basement with my guitar, purple/blonde hair, a layered outfit we put together, and a pierced lip. I loved being able to play around with my inner rock star, trying out new expressions and poses, and shooting with my guitar for the first time since my self portraits. Andrew was moving all over the place, playing around with motion, lighting and colors. With so many factors to balance, we also had to figure out one of the most important parts to a successful shoot: how to get into that "flow" with one another. It is easy to forget about that--you each have your own job, and what you want out of the shoot... you get your own idea of what you're going to do, while the other person has their own idea... it can be a disaster when no one is really "directing" anything. But that is one thing I LOVE about working with Andrew, we always seem to find that connection and flow. 

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