Monday, August 27, 2012

All in one spot!

I've finally created a facebook artist page! Here I will be posting ALL of my work from modeling, second shooting, assisting, collaborations, projects, and any other artsy stuff I may do. You can find it here:  In addition, I've decided to start a blog so I can go into more detail with some of my future artist page posts.

Black/White Themed group shoot, FUSE
Photographer: Mark Anderson, STUN 
First, let me fill you in with how this all this quiet, shy girl who hated her picture being taken got HERE...Long story short, I was an art major, got a job as a graphic designer, lost that job, had some other personal issues occur, and found myself a bit stuck... I randomly came across this photo/model group page on facebook that was growing in my hometown, FUSE fotogroup ( I had done a bunch of self-portraits, with the purpose of practicing my photography/graphic design skills, and this group looked like a great place to learn more and expand. The lead photographer made a post one day about needing an assistant...I immediately responded. After that shoot, he asked if he could photograph me in the near future and encouraged me to check out the group shoots. I caved in, got rid of my fear of being photographed-and not having complete control over the images, attended my first FUSE group shoot (black/white themed) and had a heck of a first shoot with him!

From there, I continued with my self portraits and started getting asked by other people to model for their personal projects. I attended a few more group shoots, which were great places to network with photographers, models, and hair/makeup artists. My portfolio just kept growing!

Last week, I just returned from a trip to the east coast...I assisted for a shoot by Andrew Kufahl (, photographing a Survivor finalist (read her blog about the experience here: And I modeled in Times Square!!! How crazy is that?!? (umm..very!) 

Stay tuned to catch up on everything that has happened between then and now... and for the images from my east coast adventure! Thank you for reading. :)

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