Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pin-up shoot

Photographer: Mark Anderson
For those of you who know me, I'm not a girly girl... modeling has gotten me into more girly stuff than I've ever experienced in my life, but down at the core, I'm a band t-shirt and jeans kinda girl! So when I was invited to model for a pin-up themed shoot, I was lost! Not to mention I sort of had this idea of pin-up that wasn't how I wanted to market myself...a little too risque for me... My rule is that I need my dad to be able to see these images, and even my grandparents. I also want to lean more towards the artsy side of things. My original idea of pin-up didn't fit any of this, but I knew a handful of the photographers and yet again I trusted in them that the images were going to be classy. I did a bit of pin-up research prior to the shoot, since I didn't have a clue as to how to model this theme. I was pleasantly surprised. My parents even filled me in a bit about the classic pin-up stuff. Started to feel a bit more at ease! Except for the fact that modeling this was going to require sexy, yet classy, posing and flirty expressions...Me?! Sexy and flirty?! *rolling on the floor laughing*

Photographer: Images by Casi
The group that got together for this was ridiculous... Mark Anderson (STUN Photography), Shanna Koltz (Koltz Photography), Casi Lark-Sitterly (Images by Casi), Che Correa (Che Correa Photography) as photographers...with the hair team of Jessica Rodinelli and Christopher Cody Hartl (now with their own hair biz of Anagen Eleven)...and the talented makeup artist known as Colour Law. I knew the photographers, I knew the other models, that all helped comfort me a bit... we were able to laugh a lot that day! I was blown away by hair and makeup...first time getting air brush makeup done--IN LOVE! Law transformed my face to be completely flawless, she even changed the shape of my lips. The lashes she used on all of us were insane. And the hair styles, *gasp!* Amazing! It sure is something when you look in the mirror and don't recognize yourself because you're too dang pretty and that can't possibly be you!

Photographer: Mark Anderson

The sexy and flirty posing and expressions were tricky for me...that was brand new. I'm used to doing artsy, dark, depressing stuff. ;) But it was fun to push myself out of my comfort zone yet again. The fun crew definitely helped keep the mood light, which helps for stuff like this. It is easy to be giggly when you have a photographer failing to resist the urge to take your photo a handful of times--ahem, Shanna. ;) She just couldn't stop! And that is a great feeling to inspire like that. 

One of my favorite comments on the pictures was from my dad, he told me I looked just like my grandma when she was my age. :)
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