Friday, August 31, 2012

Road trip photoshoot

Photographer: Mark Anderson
This was an interesting shoot with Mark Anderson because there was absolutely nothing planned. He wanted to shoot with me... and at some point, he wanted me to have wet hair... that was all we knew! We were just going to get in the car and drive. I brought a bunch of clothes and had makeup/hair in a way that I could modify it on the go. We found several really cool locations to play with including acres of junky cars, a field of daisies, and giant rocks with crashing waves. 

I personally loved the field of daisies. Mark's daughter was along, and I think she liked that field too! He'd have to scoot her out of the frame every now and then, as she seemed to just escaped to another world while walking through the shot. ;) 

Photographer: Mark Anderson
The ONE place Mark knew we needed to end up was by the water, to get those wet hair shots he had in mind. This is Wisconsin, and it was early spring I believe... it was COLD... and we were going to dunk my head in Lake Michigan... even colder. But the great shots are rarely easy. ;)  So in a tiny little dress, I was bent over this puddle the crashing waves had created, and Mark soaked my head. Through the chattering teeth, we made it work, and got some neat shots! He made sure I covered up with a blanket in between, and got us in and out of there as fast as he could. That is always so nice when working with a photographer... when they realize that you are a human. :)

We didn't get back to town until after it was dark. A long day filled with a ton of mini shoots. So cool to look at what a range we got, in one day. And it was another exercise for me to learn to let go, to give up some control, and to just go with the flow. Great lessons for this kind of stuff and for life in general. Things can be  more fun, and in an totally unexpected way! 

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