Thursday, August 30, 2012

101 Women by Kara Counard

The photo that appeared in Kara's project
Remember Kara from the bird shoot? Here's another project from her!

She set out to photograph 101 Women in the community, and she photographed them where they felt at home. She asked me to be one of the women (I ended up being #100).  I was honored to be a part of this project. 

When I had to think of where I felt "at home" however, I didn't have a straight forward response. I decided on: the beach...I love the is my happy place. The second I hear the waves, nothing else exists. Most calming noise in the world to me. :) I had wanted to do a self-portrait at the beach for a while, and this was perfect... because that was sort of what I was known for, self-portraits. So we decided to find a day to go to the beach, and have her photograph me, while I was taking a self-portrait, wearing some of my favorite most comfy clothing: Thumb-hole hoodie and happy bunny pj pants. ;)
From one of the mini tangent shoots that day. 
Photo by Kara / Other model is Seth Nayes

What my self-portrait session turned into after Seth 
photo-bombed a couple images...We decided to roll 
with it! Photographs by: me
Oh what a day this was! Kara brought her son and our friend Seth along. Seth is an incredibly inspiring individual... and a fantastic model. Before I had gotten into modeling, and throughout it, I have been impressed by how emotional his images are, and how incredible his posing is. He is able to just let go. I have learned a ton just by looking at his work, and even more by meeting/working with him.

Things quickly turned into something else...A series of  additional mini photoshoots... including images with Seth and I, and of all of us individually. It blows my mind how it evolved! Truly an inspiring and fun filled day! Kara captured an image that just gave me chills (above)... and when Seth photo-bombed me (over there -->), I was awe struck by how haunting these all fell into place so perfectly... 

Kara wrapped up her project with an art show. It was very cool to see these beautiful portraits filled with personality on display and as a whole...some of the women I knew, and it was interesting to see how she captured ways I hadn't ever seen with my own eyes before. She is just filled with talent like this. 

Read more about the 101 Women Project and Kara's other work on her blog (I'm pasting the link where she talks about this shoot with me):

She made a book from the project!

Photos from the art gallery opening:

FYI she did another project this past year, with women over 90. Another beautiful show with touching photos and lots of stories!

And check out her facebook page:

And to see more of my work:

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